Install/create transports like JIT, PyICQt, PyMSNt on wildfire 3.2 at suse


i browsed through the forum, used the search function and read thread over thread but i do not get the point.

I am running wildfire 3.2.0 on a suse linux server an i want to install/create transports to icq and msn networks.

Does anyone have experiences with that? How to install JIT and create/integrate it into the wildfire install?

The same for PyICQt, PyMSNt. Therefore is installed the twisted framework but i do not understand how zo install PyICQt, PyMSNt. BZW: the doc at is a 404!

Maybe you guys out there can give me some advise what to do. Like a how-to or an step-by-step doc.

Thank you in advance!

Installing the Py transports is straight forward.

Install Python (i use 2.4 on my SUSE 9 server), Twisted, and any other depends you need. then get the Py Transport of choice, (tar.gz), untar it in the directory you want to use them from, set the permissions, then do the command python (python2.4) then the ./PyMSNt command to run. it will NOT intregrate with Wildfire, only run with it. You need to set up your config.xml file for the transport, and also setup wildfire to allow the connection from the transport and then it should run. There are also ports in the Firewall you need to open. Follow the link below for the official server admin guide.

good luck!