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Install MySql DB in Linux - Question

Hi All,

We intend to install MySQL with Linux instead of HSQL that we have today (in the same Server Application).

We have allready install Openfire Server in Windows 2003 and Client SPARK.

Our company has huge agents that we intend to deploy the SPARK client for them.

This days only one site has allready access for SPARK client and contains 110 agents.

We want to enlarge for 2,500 agents ConCurrent (about 11 sites).

Threre are some questions before we will do that:

  1. How much MAX Transactions can the Linux MySQL contains?

  2. What is the estimate of increase DB size can be (accourding to the above explain)?

  3. How much CPU & RAM needed?

  4. How much Disc Size in GB is needed?

  5. Does we need to install client in the DB server and where can we find it?

Thanking you in advance,

Nir B.