Install Newbie

Hi All,

Got my very first question…

Installed Centos 6.6 and downloaded the Openfire rpm which I’ve installed… The service is running and I can see the local IP is listening on port 9090. I changed the config, file so that I have defined a dedicated IP address, but that doe not seem to have made much difference. I am unable to connect on this port to continue the installation…

What is also not clear, is whether the installation of the database is done prior to connecting to the Admin page or during the wizard… if someone could clarify that would be great… I can see that some SQL scripts need to be run to create an external database, but if I wanted to use the builtin database I presume no further action is required,

Any ideas on why I can’t connect on port 9090 - I see some talk about firewalls etc, but I have no idea how this service work’s or is configured Centos at present.



Looks like I may have found the issue, turning of iptables allows me to connect to the web admin. Just need to work out what rule to put in place ? If someone has done this before, I would appreciated some guidance on what rules are required.