Install Openfire 4.0.3 and cannot log in to administrator panel

I am running Ubuntu 16.04, and installed Openfire 4.0.3. It seems to install okay, and I can run through the setup wizard. I am using LDAP from a windows server, and everything tests okay when I put in the information from the LDAP server. At the end, I add “admin” as an administrator and test with the admin network password. I get “success”.

When I then run the administrator console, I am asked to enter the administrator name/password. I try both “admin” and the user I set with the Administrator DN, and neither will work to let me access the panel. Anyone know what I might be missing?

Incidentally, I have version 4.0.2 installed on a Windows server using the same LDAP information, and it works fine. But for several reasons, I want to migrate to the Linux server.