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Install OpenFIre on 1 server and Jappix on another server

Hi All,

I just succesfuly installed Openfire 3.8.2. Everyting is working properly. But I have some questions about a specific setup/configuration.

Due company policies only traffic is allowed on for http & https. Because I want everything to be encrypted, I route https (443) to port (tls) 5222.

This is working just fine. But now I want my coworkers to also access Openfire Jappix (web). This is only possible on port 7443, I know that 7070 is also possible but I want it to be secure. That’s my problem, only traffic on port 80 & 443 is allowed.

So I setup a second server, installed Apache and “installed” Jappix. I filled in the Openfire servername but Jappix is not able to connect.

Both servers are on a private cloud but can be accessed by Public IP’s.

How do I configure the OpenFire server to allow traffic from the second Jappix server?

So my co-workers and I can access the web based Jappix (on the second server) to the OpenFire server? Our smartphones are connectiong (succesfully) to the OpenFire server on port 443.

I installed OpenFire on a CentOS 6.4 x64 distribution. Could someone help me with this?