Install openfire on a remote windows server via a script

Hi All,

Im very new to openfire, but I have been reading up on it and it seems like the best XMPP server out there.

I have the need to deploy this to X amount of windows servers via scripts which require no user interaction, can this be done in openfire? (Essentially a silent installation…)

I have read the doco’s and they just seem to mention the wizards, is there a way around this to simply drop it in and get it running?

Thanks for any help you can give.


Can anyone out there help me here?

There is no known solution for that, so you will have to find a solution yourself. Or wait for an answer but probably never get one. I don’t think Openfire installer has a silent install option. Even if it does, you still have to run a web setup afterwards. Your servers probably will have different domain names, and it is stored in the database. So database has to be initialized and this information stored in it. This also depends on a type of database you are going to use. It is more complicated if you are going to use an external database. As the embedded database is just a text file, then probably it is possible to edit that file via script and change domain and all other required information. So, with the embedded database case you will have to install it somwhere, then just copy its folder to a remote server and then edit openfire.xml and the database file via scripts, then install a service via script. Can’t give you a detailed information, never tried this myself. Just a direction.

thanks wroot, looks like it will be more trouble than its worth.