.install4j directory not included with Openfire 3.7.1?

Server: Debian (Lenny/Sid)

Installation Method: tar.gz

I downloaded Openfire 3.7.1 (the tar.gz) and used it to upgrade my test box from 3.7.0. I do this by the following steps.

  1. shutdown Openfire

  2. extracting openfire_3_7_1.tar.gz to an “openfire_3_7_1” directory

  3. move symlink of “openfire” from openfire_3_7_0 to openfire_3_7_1

  4. Copy ./bin/openfire, ./conf/openfire.xml, and ./resources/security/* from openfire_3_7_0 to openfire_3_7_3

  5. restart Openfire

Above is how I have been updating Openfire since I took over this project (~Openfire 3.3.1). This time however, Openfire failed to start and I received an “install4j” error. I did a diff on the openfire_3_7_0 and openfire_3_7_1 directories and found the .install4j directory in the root of the 3_7_0 directory. I copied this over to the 3_7_1 directory and then Openfire started fine.

My question is, was the exclusion of the .install4j directory an oversight or is this going to be the norm for future versions?


Hi, dweez,

I was already discussing this matter with Guus (who has pushed 3.7.1 release recently). I have also PMed him and Daryl (who can manage the Downloads page) and asked them to sitch the file to this one http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/browse/OPENFIRE-NIGHTLYWINDOWS-444/artifact/Pro ject-Windows-distribution-files (tar.gz) which has the same structure (with the install4j folder and openfire executable instead of openfire.sh) as it always was. I didn’t yet upgraded my linux server, but i think i could run into same problems if i haven’t read your post (and some others) as my custom daemon probably won’t be aware about that sh file.

Check the tar.gz version again. Now it includes install4j folder and the old openfire exec instead of sh script.

Yeah, I see it now. Thanks wr00t and Guus.