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Installation Help - W2k3 Server - Admin not loading

New guy here. Installed Wirefire 2.4.1 without issue on my W2K3 (sp1) server. When I run Wildfire, it states the admin console is listening. When I click “Launch Admin”, IE opens and the page is blank. When looking at the source I see:

I have not created a DB yet, as (if I’'m reading the docs correctly) I configure some of that in the admin console.

Any ideas?



Sorry to self-reply. I added to my “Trusted Sites” in IE and I’'m past this issue.

Adding this as a solution for any others who may be as thick as me.

don’'t worry, i had the same issue at first on my test server until i found myself adding it there as well. than ran into again when i was setting up the production servers… talk about w00ps