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Installation How-to?

I apologize for such a lame discussion, but I cannot find simple installation instructions. I have openfire and imgateway plugin running successfully.

I would like to add spark & sparkweb. I have the untarred packages. In the Spark directory, I find 2 executables spark & starter. Any help would be appreciated.

So, you are using linux operating system? What about launching one of those executables? There can;t be any installation docs about using tar package, as this is not a setup package. Just an archive. So, unpack and run it.

There is a how-to for sparkweb:


Thanks I found that how-to very helpful. Sparkweb is now running nicely. Impressive work. I’m really enjoying openfire.

I beg to disagree, installation guidelines would be very helpful. Not everyone using Linux these days has systems administration experience. Simply adding a few paragraphs to the README or adding an INSTALL text file with basic instructions would be extremely beneficial. Not to mention, you know, making new users more comfortable with the project.

EDIT: LOL! Indeed, here’s my first issue installing. I unpacked and tried to run both Spark and starter - and both gave me the following error:

Preparing JRE …
Error: Could not open jar file: lib/rt.jar
Error unpacking jar files. Aborting.
You might need administrative priviledges for this operation.

Now, I unpacked this to /use/local as root using sudo; well actually I unpacked it elsewhere and finding executables with no install scripts or instructions, and finding this thread as the most ‘useful’ advice here on the forums moved it to /usr/local/. I installed it to /usr/local because I want to be able to use it from multiple accounts. Am I required to install it under each user account? Do I have to perform some undocumented elfin magic to make it usable?

Help would be very appreciated.

I’m not very familiar with the linux permissions management. Maybe you should run it once with root (so it would unpack everything it needs). Or maybe you should put unpacked dir somewhere where you can assign full control for all users.

Hmm, running it once as root seems to have indeed run some magic configuration process after which I was able to run it as a regular user. Thanks!

I would like to file this as a bug. The process for setting Spark up on Linux seems simple enough, but was in no way intuitive - at least not for me. Considering how small a documentation task this would be for the reward in user consideration I can’t see any argument not to have it. I can’t recall ever seeing a package having absolutely no installation instructions to be found anywhere; I’m sure they exist - perhpas I just gave up on them immediately and never remembered them after?

Well. Currently one community member is working on a universal (java based) installer, which should work the same on linux/win/etc. Until it’s released i dont want to file such ticket in bug tracker system. Also, it should change that issue, that a new installation needs to unpack something before first run. It will unpack upon installation or will have everything unpacked in the setup package, dont recall exactly. And the main problem is that someone has to write documentations and developers usually dont like writing :slight_smile: Maybe someone will contribute.

I’d be happy to contribute a bare-bones install guideline to be included in the Linux tarball. Some helpful pointers and suggestions would be better than nothing at all. I assume the development team have a preference for /opt as the systemwide install location? And where/how would I submit the file?


There is no currently a development team (and never was actually). Jive has abandoned this project long time ago (well, for some time Daniel, ex community member and now ex Jive member, was doing some job). For a long time this project lives thanks to community contributors. We can’t change the tarball and i’m not sure anyone will hear our asking at Jive. You can try of course. Personally i would suggest to create it as a wiki document here and leave it as an online guide (which can always be added to setup package). You can try posting it in Contributors group, Jive Lounge forum (maybe site admin will notice it).