Installation instructions for the technically challanged

I am trying to install Spark so our small group of coworkers can communicate with each other without using the telephone system for every little issue. I cannot find installation instruction to walk through setting up the program. In fact, I don’t find much that isn’t written in tech talk which I don’t understand. We don’t have an IT department (we are only an office of 4 people) so any help will be appreciated. I used Spark at a previous employer and like the chat interface but they actually hired an outside IT co to load it onto all the computers. We don’t have the means to do that.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Spark won’t work on its own. It needs a server. You can use Openfire as a server for Spark. I’m afraid installation and configuration of a server will involve even more “tech talk” and nothing can be done about this. This is a technology and its documentation is written in technology language. Maybe you should hire some IT just for this installation. I think this way you will save lots of time instead of figuring out how to setup everything on your own.