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Installation Loop

Dear All ,

I am using Jive with config

  1. PostgreSQL 8.0.3

  2. FC3

  3. 256 MB Ram

  4. 700 Mhz Intel

  5. Java = 1.5

My Problem

I installed Jive for nearly 10 times and 4 times successfully installed the server.

After each install I just restarted my machine such that to check the booting sequence.

After every restart the admin page again goes to the setup page this is anoying as I have done installation for nearly 10 times

The database is fine.

Error.log files shows nothing its 0kb.

Am I missing something. I searched the fourm but could not find anything.



My guess is that Jive Messenger doesn’'t have permission to write to the conf/jive-messenger.xml file. So, it tries to write out changes (like the fact that setup is completed) but is not able to. Please check the error log in the logs directory to confirm that this is the problem.



Matt ,

The jive-messenger.xml file and folder is owned by Jive the Jive Messanger Server and has the 777.

The real problem is that I use the supplied initdb script gven in extra folder.

The server only runs when manually started from the ./messenger Script.Even when the Jive service shows up in ntsysv menu


I dont know if my stated problem is of alien abduction with no solution.

Was just wondering is their any method by this Installation loop be stoped.

I 4 times sucessfully installed my server and it worked for an hour and then out of the blue when I try to access the admin login page I am taken to the installation Page.

and have you setup your server with this instalaltion page in Admin Console? You have to do this at first time.

Ok, and what are the permissions of other folders?

In my system (Archlinux 0.7) i have chown’'ed these directories to jive user:






Some gives all folders to jive user.

Matt , wroot ,

You both were correct.

In my case I used to edit the jive-messenger.conf file with WinSCP’'s editor and since I used to login into my Lin machin with root account the jive-messenger.conf the fil e was owned by root.

Anyways thanks a lot Jive is much better than Jabber Atleast Jive has enterprise class Admin GUI.