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Installation on OS X 10.5 server

I’m trying to install Openfire on an OS X 10.5.6 server box. I’m searched the forum and the forum documents/faq and don’t see anything related to a 10.5 install guide.

I have apache/web, php and mysql running. I’ve created a database and a user with access to the database. I’ve imported the mysql database resource into the database. Running through the Openfire installation control panel, it’s failing at the database configuration portion.

I’ve selected the mysql dropdown. changed server to “localhost” and database to “openfire”.

  • driver: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
  • server: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/openfire

For the user and password, I’ve tried the one I initially set up and even tried the root user and both fail. I’ve skimmed the error log but don’t see anything that sticks out. I’m trying to configure from the web browser directly on the box itself. It fails with the firewall off or on.

Is there another step that I’m missing?