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Installation on Windows Server 2003

I thought i should post this issue I had with the installation of the latest build openfire 3.3.3. on my Windows Server 2003

system. After the installation was complete I tried to login to the admin console by clicking on the Admin Console button.

This just gave me a blank page.

After much tinkering with java i realized that the index.html was looking for index.jsp. The app should have redirect there, but it did not.

In the browser address bar I replaced the index.html with index.jsp and it redirected me to the setup/index.jsp and the setup for the server went fine from that point on.

I was completely frustrated as to why this did not happen from the start. I am not sure if anyone has had this happen to them or not.

The software works great for us. Keep up the good work.

Thank you, thank you, thank you…

You just saved me an hour of looking into this myself. I was getting the same blank page, and decided to google before researching further, and bang, you answered this for me!!!

Very cool. I am glad this helped. I think the problem is with the browser security, but i am not 100% on that.

If I can save a person the agony of that i went through… it is worth posting.