Installation - Spark & Openfire

Hello Together,

and thanks for a really good community with one of the best product for instant messaging.

Today i install the openfire in a windows client/server infrastructure with Win2008-Server and a domain controller.

Everythings works perfect and I use the ldap connection to the active directory.

And now three questions about the infrastructure:

It is possible to login automatically and direct with the windows login from each user?

So we use roaming profiles and the user differents pc’s and i want to login at spark at the same time as the windows 7 login.

Wenn i login at the spark client i can’t see any users…

Is it possible to add in a default setting all users from the infrastructure at each spark client?

I want to create some usergroups “department a” “deparment b” “department c” also default for every user client.

Can you tell where i can create these groups?

Thanks for your help and your time


  1. Probably you are talking about SSO (single sign on), when Spark is using same credentials as a domain user to login. Can’t give any instructions as i don’t use it myself, but you can search the forums.

  2. Check the Admin Console > Users/Groups > Groups. If you have groups in your ldap sctructure, you should see them here and then turn on Sharing option in every group’s settings. Again, not using ldap integration myself, so can’t give you strict instructions.

  3. I believe you can’t create local groups on server if you are using ldap integration.