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Installed Certificates

After I upgraded to Wildfire from Jive I noticed that there were 2 licenses in the Installed Certificateds section. I do not remember installing these. Are they needed. I an running the Spark Manger. the readon I ask is that now they are no longer there. How do I get them back if they are needed.

Wildfire ships with default self-signed certificates. You’'ll need them to make secure connections work. You can restore them by replacing the resources\security\keystore file from the version that ships with Wildfire. Perhaps this is causing the iChat connection issues?



I was able to get the certificates back in. I just did a reinstall and copes the preferences and databases back in. Still did not fix the MAC issue. Like I said Spark works from the MAC but not iChat. I would rather not have to put spark on all the MAC’'s. Any other ideas or things to try.