Installed plugins


Is there any way of not installing plug-ins for Spark during the installation process? We have a limited disc usage quota set for our staff members and they are being constantly pushed over this quota by the Spark plug-ins which is taking up roughly 16MB, which is half of the quota.

Thanks all!

Wow. Really tough quota There is no option to install without plugins. You can only delete them from the program files\spark dir and they won’t appear in user’s profile then (will have to remove them in already existing users’ profiles)

Tell me about it, but when you have 2000 pupils and 250 staff, it’s needed

I have tried disabling the plugins when in Spark, logging out, deleting the plugins in App Data but then when the user logs back into Spark, they reappear.

Disabling won’t delete plugins, because, you know, you might want to enable them in future and so they must be in place. As i said, you will have to delete them in the installation folder first and then also in user’s profile. You have to delete them in the installation folder, because Spark reads that folder when launching and extracts plugins found in there automatically, into user’s profile.

There is also option to Remove plugin in Spark (SPARK-1351) but i don’t remember if this will make Spark to not to extract such plugin from the installation directory.

I have tried this on my own profile but mine is a mandatory profile but it has seemed to have worked. I will find a test subject and see if this works.

Thanks for your help again, wroot.