Installing - Add Admins Page

I am installing openfire for the first time, I installed the RPM install on a base load of CentoOS. The install went fine until I reached the page that prompted me to add administrators. I entered my username and clicked add, no errors, yet no next button either, just the box for adding an admin. I tried an invalid username and it threw an error, so it is communicating, yet without a next button I can’t finish the install. Any ideas?



Anyone? Do I need to provide more information? I’m sooooooo close to finishing the install script, just need to get past this part. HELP!


I guess your using LDAP then? A good place to start would be to take a look at your log files (/opt/openfire/logs) to see if you have any errors that could help. If you could post the details of what you entered for your ldap settings, that would be helpful.



Did you ever get that software question answered? If so, what was the best method?