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Installing additional transports

I have installed the current version of Jive.

I would like to install transports for AIM, ICQ, and MSN. I have attempted to use the Python scripts without success. They are all looking for a module named xish.domish and I have no idea where to find it.

If someone could provide me with some pointer, that would be appreciated.

Hey Samuel,

This looks like a Python question. Make sure that you have installed all the required softwares (e.g. Python, Twisted, PyOpenSSL, PyCrypto, etc.) and correct versions.

Links that may be of help:




You may also want to post these questions to the py-transports mailing list.


– Gato

xish is a twisted matrix object


you’'ll need several of them as per the docs for PyMSN


You may just want to install the Sumo package and cover all the bases.



Thanks to all who responded. The answer (Using Sumo) worked perfectly!