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Installing and Using Jappix-Openfire plugin

Hi there

I have installed Jappix Openfire plugin, and I’m trying to get it to work.

I can access my http://openfire.server:7070/jappix, but unfortunatelly I can’t login with any user from Openfire.

I’ve made a clean install of Openfire 3.8.1 and the only plugins that are running are JingleNodes and Jappix.

Is there any other type of configuration or plugin that I must have or do?

Thanks in advance

The latest version with webrtc requires websockets. You need websockets plugin for Openfire

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Thank you for reply!

Unfortunattely I can’t seem to get this to work.

I’ve installed websockets plugin, jingle nodes plugin and the jappix plugin, but I can’t login, for some reason I can´t understand, so far IMO I think that the jappix plugin isn’t communicating with the XMPP auth server for some reason, as it fails immediately with error.

Sorry, you are having difficulty with this

The idea of the plugin was for jappix and openfire to work out of the box with no configuration. Just accept the defaults and go. It always works for me

Avoid latest version with webrtc unless you are using chrome

Thank you for your fast reply, i’ve been doing that on Jappix but I will once more do the folowing procedure:

Stop Openfire;

Delete the contents from openfire/plugins/store/

Start Openfire

Browser to myserver.com:7070/jappix

Is this the right procedure?