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Installing broadcast plugin


I’‘m running Jive Messenger 2.1.5 and i want to install the broadcast plugin (version 1.2). However, when copying the .jar file into the Jive Messenger plgin directory nothing happens. I tried enabling debug logging but nothing happens at all. It’'s running on linux and i checked permissions and so on. I tried with one of the other plugins which gave the same problem. What am i doing wrong?


you can try to restart server, though it has to work on fly.About permissions. Are you really sure plugins’’ dir and all files in there are owned by the same user which is running the server?

well, i have to confirm this. Have just uninstalled broadcast plugin, and copied jar file again. And it doesnt appear in Admin Console, and more, userImportExport plugin has dissapeared in Admin Console too. Well, i think server restart should solve this, but…

2.1.5 version too.

Hey guys,

I was able to reproduce the problem. You should see in the error.log a message saying that there was an error unloading the plugin. Therefore, the plugin folder is not being deleted though the jar file was deleted. I will try to figure out the reason for this problem. Last time I checked the code the reason was that I had to wait until the JVM run a full garbage collect. Once all the instances created by the plugin were gone the folder of the plugin was removed and the plugin was unloaded completely.


– Gato

My problem is still installing the broadcast plugin. The debug log says unpacking plugin broadcast but it does not say loading plugin and it doesn’‘t appear in the plugin list. What i’'m i doing wrong?