Installing fastpath on a production server

now that we have tested fastpath as a plugin in openfire admin cp, we want to install it on a production server. Our server is apache, centos with java 1.6. How do we do this? I could not find instructions. I have the webchat.war file from openfire plugins page.

I have been able to to a proxypass and proxypassreverse for webchat plugin in openfire but the script to link to a fastpath workgroup is going to port which is giving ssl certificate errors. -name@workgroup.server-name.comxxxx/webchat/live?action=isAvailable&workgroup=workgroup-name@workgroup.server-n this is the link that is in the image to click to a workgroup.

How have other users solved this problem? We need fastpath secure with all communications from the server to client or web-based spark/sparkweb.