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Installing Nightly Build


I have searched the web site and the README document but I can’'t find the way to install a Nightly Build over the existing 2.1.0 installation; can anyone enlighten me?



You should be able to install a nightly build over an existing installation by simply copying the files over the existing ones. Next time you start up, you’'ll have to go through the setup process again, but all your data will be preserved. Of course, we would always recommend doing database backups before using a nightly build.



Thank you.

Another question regarding Nightly builds.

I’‘m having trouble with SSL in 2.1. I read there is a fix. Can I backup my xml config, trust and keystores, and then copy them back once I’'ve gone through setup again?


Yep, backup the files, install new code and then copy the configs back. There is no need to go through setup again, in fact.