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Installing Openfire on remote server using Mac OS 10.4

I’‘m having an issue with the database setup page. I’'m using MySQL. An error says “A connection to the database could not be made. View the error message by opening the “/logs/error.log” log file, then go back to fix the problem.”

However, when I installed Openfire, only the System Preferences pane was installed. I have no idea where to find this error log.

Here is the setup info:

JDBC Driver Class: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

Database URL: jdbc:mysql://localhost/openfire

Username: root

Password: (my MySQL password)

Minimum Connections: 5

Maximum Connections: 15

Connection Timeout: 1 day

Do I need to specify a port for the database URL field?

My username and password are correct and should work for modifying the database I made.

Does Openfire work with Mac OS 10.4?

Yup, working fine on OS X Server here.

We use the internal-built in database though

When you install it, does it only install the System Preferences Pane? I keep reading about some folders that should be installed, but I don’'t see them anywhere.