Installing Openfire - problems with AD/LDAP

I am installing Openfire 3.6.0a on Windows Server 2008 (using the embedded DB), and the install works fine up to the point of User Mapping (step 2). The profile settings (and step 1) pass the test (AD settings and account are correct), but I can’t figure out what’s missing/needed to make the LDAP search work so I can finish the install to test this.

I can give you all the details needed to answer this, but not sure what to start with.

BTW, total newb with this, and it’ll be an internal-facing IM solution. I know LDAP/Exchange2003 pretty well, but not an expert.

So, let me know what other info I need to post, and hopefully this will just be a simple config problem.


OK, issue was the ldap commands. A DB guy here showed me, so were are up and running now.