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Installing Spark for small company


I need to install an IM system for our small company, Spark was recommended !

I am wondering what exactly I have to install, do I need to install a spark server on our server? or do I just give everyone the spark client? we have vista and server 2008, i’ve never done this before so , any help appreciated

Thanks !

Spark is a client that connects to an XMPP server, it works best with Openfire (you can also download it from this site). Openfire runs under Linux or Windows. Instructions and requirements are available within the download/document section on this website. Openfire should run under server 2008, you can use an MSSQL database to store your data within or you can use the embedeed database that comes with Openfire. Spark is just like any client in that it requires a server to connect to in order to communicate to other clients. (Just like an outlook client connects to exchange).


It runs under Linux, Windows, and Macintosh operating systems.

It does run on server 2008

You should avoid the embedded db in production deployments. Use an external database such as MySQL. The embedded db has limited manageability and recovery options in case of failure.

thanks guys, how do i connect it to a mysql db? do you guys have any hints or tips for doing so? best practices?

also does openfire require a reboot if installed to the server?


You dont have to restart the server, but you will have to restart the Openfire after the setup, to be able to login to Admin Console. One of the setup steps is the selection of the database. I think it shouldnt be hard to connect to MySQL.

this site has a list of documents walking you though the installation process for all the types of databases it supports

yeah but who runs macintosh servers :wink:

I cant find them !! where should I be looking ?

http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/index.ht ml