Installing two version of openfire

I have version 3.10.2 version of Openfire already installed on my server. Can I install another version let say v4.0.1 ? Can I have two version installed ?

What database are you using? You can install it in another folder (just not select Updating the current installation during a setup (on Windows)). Then stop the current Openfire and run new one. If using embedded-db you can first copy database and conf files (also maybe /resources/security folder for SSL certificates) into new installation. Or you can just install on top of your 3.10.2 (backup first), try it out, uninstall and install 3.10.2 again.

I am installing on CentOS using “openfire-4.0.1-1.i386.rpm”. Can I specify a different target directory during the installation ? I believe the default was “/opt/openfire”

Don’t know about RPM, sorry.

No worries…thanks

You want them both running at the same time? Apart from the installation directory and database connectivity, you’ll run into a challenge with regards to networking. By default, Openfire binds to all network interfaces and several default ports. It’s all configurable, but at some point it might be easier to introduce some kind of virtualisation (Vagrant and the likes) and solve things that way.

I would only be using one instance at a time. Both versions will have it’s own database to connect to.

In that case I guess there’s no problem in having two versions. The only difficulty is then to make sure that your installation process does not overwrite files from the other instance. That’s easy if you go with a tarball (as everything will be in one directory). I don’t know how other installation packages will work though.

Hi Guus,

I uninstalled the old 3.10.2 version and installed the 4.0.1 and still connect to the old database. But it seems the “monitoring” table was not upgraded. The installation will upgrade the existing DB right ?