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Installing Wildfire as a web application


Currently I’'m looking for an Instant Messaging Server that I could use on my enterprise network.

I would like to know if Wildfire can be deployed as a web application (for example under jboss).

I’'m unable to find the wildfire.war in the last release.

All the posts I found about this contain unavailable links (like http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/entry.jspa?externalID=431&categoryID=22.).

Is there a documentation about it ?



Not sure that I’'m following your question. Wildfire is a TCP/IP communication service. Any jabber compliant client (whether it be a web client or a stand alone client) should be able to attach to the service and use the resources once properly registered.

There’'s several web based Jabber clients out there that you could configure for users to use as their interface when using Wildfire.

Please feel free to correct my take on what you originally meant.

Hi Aymeric,

a web application version is not available. There were some problems with the war deployments so they were removed to keep development simple.

It may be possible to build a .war file using the current source and deploy it but there will be little support available if you encounter problems deploying or running it.


Hi toetag,

I spoke about the wildfire server. I thought that the admin console for example could be deployed under an application server. And I thought that the Jabber protocol could be used with http binding (on the http port of the application server). Am I wrong ?

Hi it2000,

Ok I understand your explanation, I will try to build a .war myself.

Thanks for your helps.



the web admin console has such a big integration in Wildfire that you’'ll not be able to separate it form Wildfire. I did use the war file but starting and stopping Wildfire instead of Tomcat is no such big difference. And as Wildfire is not a small process it may be fine to run it separately - I wonder what benefit you have running it in a J2EE container.