Instant Messaging / Peer to Peer Chat


Is peer to peer chat available in the opensource release? If so, can someone point me in the right direction?. I’d like to give my users the ability to see who is online, and initiate chat sessions between themselves or between multiple users.

Also it will remove some of the load from the server.

I have been reading something about a STUN and a TURN server function in this forum, but is this only for filesharing?

Thanks for your time, I appreciate it alot.

Regards Mikkel

There is no project on this site implementing direct peer-to-peer chating.

Can I archive it with jingle? and then just use openfire to let the clients meet eachother?

Don’t know, not a developer myself. Jingle is used for voice conversations, though probably it could be customised to be used for text messages, but it just makes no sense to use audio library for texting. As there are more features (like whiteboards, file transfer), which can use peer-to-peer communication, i think it is possible to do it with text messages too. You just need to find a client which supports that or code or modify one.