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Intalling 3.7.2 nightly on Debian


I just tried to install http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/browse/OPENFIRE-NIGHTLYDEB on a fresh debian install.

However the installation finishes very fast and under /usr/share/openfire there is NO /bin dir to be found!

Also a /etc/init.d/openfire returns me just a new linux prompt instead of the usual “USAGE start-stop-reload” kind of reply when being invoked without any startup options!

So there is something obviously very wrong but where to start debugging.



OK, got it to work. I had all kinds of JAVA installed but not the needed java-6-sun-jre.

Looks good now again.

If you problem was solve mark this thread as Answered!

If not, take a look at this solution:

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The installation procedure although decribed for Ubuntu is a generic installation procedure for all Linux.