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Integrating messaging and notifications with an existing app

Hello there,

I’‘m toying with the idea of using openfire’'s real time notification capabilities to provide notifications to end users of a vertical line of business application.

How hard is it to do this? the application is coded in VB on the client and MS-SQL server on the server.

The idea would be to integrate a spark web or client-based application with the existing application or simply provide notifications within the existing client interface or via email if the client is offline.

thank you,



If you need to integrate a spark web client into the application, I would recommend looking at sparkweb, which is in beta. It’'s a javascript/html based spark client (http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins-beta.jsp)

You can try to “share” your DB with Open Fire, its what I am trying to do (I got already a Social web site and I have no other idea to how to synchronise my Social data with Open Fire …)

Also, you can try the User Service plugin which allows to manage (add/edit/delete) users throught HTTP services …