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Integrating Messenger with Forums

Next thought/question:

We have a ‘‘classroom’’ environment where it would be nice to integrate messages routed through Messenger and insert them into the Forums. Is this possible at present?

  • Larry


It’‘s not possible out of the box presently, but integration features like these are on our roadmap. We will be adding message auditing features to Messenger (probably in the 1.1 release - no date yet but hopefully before the end of the summer or early fall at the latest - 1.1 will be a free upgrade to all 1.x customers). With message auditing, you’'ll have transcripts of conversations conducted through the server and it should be possible (with a little skin work in Forums and maybe some DB code) to link it in with Forums.

eLearning is an area we’'re very interested in so ideas and suggestions on the topic are very welcome.