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Integrating smack API

Hi ,

i dont know to integrate the smack API wiht spark and how to use it for communicate client and sever.please helpe me if you know

Your question is rather open ended and as such there is no easy answer.

Why don’'t you tell us specifically what you want to achieve, what you have done so far in order to achieve it and what specific problems you are having

i have installed spark and wildfire.now the spark and the sever are working.i created some user’'s account by admin .But the users are not displaying into the spark(client)panel.

So i thought to integrate smack to communicate between client and sever.If im a new one for this,please give me good idea to handle this problem.

Spark is a client, Wildfire is a server, smack is a java api for writing client applications. You don’‘t need to use it if you don’'t want to create XMPP clients yourself.

Your question would be better of being posted into the wildfire/spark support forums