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Intellij Idea and Openfire plugin development

Pretty much what the title says, I’m wondering how to best set up Intellij Idea in order to develop openfire plugins.

I hope someone’s able to help, thanks in advance

I suggest you add Openfire as a module and every plugin as a module, too.

The Openfire module has of course all the necessary dependencies.

For your plugin module, add the Openfire module to the dependencies (“Module Dependency…”)

Okay thanks, that seems clean.

What should I call my package in the module containing the plugin itself? Are there any conventions?

I guess, you can name it whatever you want. If it’s some plugin for personal or company usecases, name the package like the package name of your company (e.g. com.yourcompany.openfire.plugins.myfirstplugin).

If it’s a generally useful plugin (e.g. it implements a XEP) and you want to share it to the community, you could name it like Openfire’s package name.

Just make sure, that two plugins don’t share the same package name.

Okay thanks for the information