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Interconnecting OpenFire with Google Talk


I have an Openfire Server running on Windows Advanced Server 2003. The server is behind firewall. I have port 5269 (server to server) and 5222 (client) opened for connectivity from outside the network.

So far, connecting directly to the Openfire server has never been a problem from user registered to the server. However, there are problem interconnecting google talk user from my Openfire user. It doesn’t seems to connect to google talk server at all. I thought it was the firewall issue, even with the port opened. But few of my Openfire user also connect to jabber.org and jabber.com user without any problem.

Has anyone inter-connect successfully to google server on Windows Advanced Server 2003 behind a firewall? If you do, please help me setup mine so that my Openfire user can connect their google talk friends without them having to create a google account.

Thank you.