Interesting issue with wildfire

Question for all of you.

I have gotten a request from the powers that be to find out if there’'s a way to have wildfire strip emoticons from p2p and group chats. Or if anyone knows of a jabber client that has text only with no emoticons or things like that.



did you take a look at the Content Filter plugin? It is able to do this.


Take a look in TudoMais at

Will will need a SIP server to to connect. Try to open a Feature request of JUST XMPP IM connection. I think they can create a version for you.

Hope Helped

I’'m gathering that you set <> or something similar to have the content filter strip the emoticons out of the conversations?


a simple expressions is


It will strip more than just the default Spark emotions as is also strips for example :):slight_smile: - Spark requires a leading and a trailing space or the start or end of line to display an emotion.

This filter should work fine for all Spark emotions but I did not test it much:

(^|\ )((\?:\||;\)|X-\(|;-\)|B-\)|:8\}|:x|:D|:\)|:-\)|\]:\)|:\(|:_\||:\^0|:0|:p|:\||;\\)(\ |$))+
edited : don''t use * but + or you''ll match every packet.
added: match also :-) - new since Spark 2.0.0

Allow the packets and set the Mask to ‘’ ‘’ as an empty mask like ‘’’’ is not allowed. Maybe Conor wants to fix this and add these filters to the documentation so everyone may use it.

added: To save a new/changed filter you need a mask which is longer than ‘’’’. Go to System Properties to set the Mask to ‘’’’ after changing and saving the filter.