Internal Server Error 500

Hi All,

I’m running 3.5.2 on a windows 2k3 domain.Several users have entered jabber contacts with a space in between first and last. Instead of first.last

I am unable to use the admin console to remove thos bad entries so that they can log back in, I’m getting error 500 and the logs indicate illegal jid.

Is there a way for me to go into the mysql db and remove those bad entries or remove the user from the db and have them start over?


are you familar with SQL or have a DBA around? It’s quite easy to delete these JIDs using SQL statements.

You may want to restart Openfire afterwards to make sure that it refreshes the database cache (or select the user cache and purge it within the Openfire web gui).


I know enough to be dangerous, but I do have DBA’s I can ask for help. What would the sql statement be?


I wonder if editing a dump and then import it again would be a more safe options for you.

Select does just display things:

select * from “jiveUser” where “username” like ‘% %’;

This should display the users with a ’ ’ character. Make sure that this command works fine, if it returns an error or too much results do not continue.

For MySQL you may need to use ’ instead of , no quotes or vice versa, I have no idea.

To delete them use:

delete from “jiveUser” where “username” like ‘% %’;