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Internal Server Error from AIM Gateway


I just got an internal server error from the AIM Gateway for some reason:

Internal server error.

The server could not process the stanza because of a misconfiguration or an otherwise-undefined internal server error.

Sie wurden automatisch vom Server getrennt.

I’‘ve got the python aim gateway on aim.jabber.st-city.net and the plugin on aim2.jabber.st-city.net but I don’‘t think this should be a problem. I’'ve updated yesterday to wildfire 3.2.4 and this error only appeared since then. However I can reconnect normally to the gateway.

Message disappeared for some reason.

Do you see anything in the debug/error logs?

I had something in my debug log. But that seems to be only some information about my SSL Certificate. But there is nothing about AIM, Oscar or such.

And you say it stopped happening?

It did occur yesterday when I updates to version 3.2.4 of wildfire a few times. I restarted the AIM gateway and it worked fine. This morning the error came again but only once and I didn’‘t restart anything. Until know it stopped. I’'m just waiting for it to happen again.