Internet Telephony Conference

!!Ear lier this week, I gave a talk at the Internet Telephony conference about next generation unified communication. You can check out the slides. A few caveats:

  • I didn’t pick the title of the talk and the ugly slide template was required.

  • There’s a lot of context missing without me talking, but at least you’ll get the gist.

The telcom industry seems to be moving full speed ahead towards unified communications (I see it as the convergence of voice with other communication channels). Most of the vendors talked about presence as an important concept and were doing some amount of text messaging, chiefly through Microsoft LCS integration.

As many of you already know from our roadmap, we’ve been doing a ton of work on voice, which will land in the next releases. So, it was great for me to get the telcom perspective and imagine how we’ll all meet in the middle with feature sets. Personally, I’m pretty excited about all the possibilities.

Wow, good job on the call interface. Very visually pleasing Looks nice and easy to use

Thanks! There’s actually lots more good stuff not shown in that screen shot. We’ve been going over tons and tons of revisions of the UI through a user acceptance test process (next one starts in 30 minutes!). It turns out that getting a soft phone UI “right” is a major process. I’m looking forward to getting the code out there more widely so we can start getting feedback from everyone. We’ll have the first beta quite soon.

wow, that looks great, can’t wait to try the beta. will it also be available for Mac? it would be the first client on the Mac to support jingle.

fabieuse – unfortunately, there won’t be Mac support for either Jingle or the SIP phone integration at first. We use a library for audio capture and playback called JMF, which has poor support on the mac. We’re still looking into the best way to provide Mac support – it might either be through some native code integration, or perhaps the Quicktime for Java library.



So can I call Derek on the phone numbers shown??

I’m not java guru but JMF seems like a really odd choice… it has been abandoned by Sun and hasn’t been updated in years.

Joe, it’s actually a tough situation on what library to use. You’re right that JMF is essentially dead. On the other hand, it’s the only stable library with an RTP stack and many codec implementations. JavaSound has good, more modern technology but is missing RTP, codecs, and video support. FMJ looks somewhat promising – we’re hoping it keeps moving forward quickly: