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Internet User To Access Openfire Server


Need your help.

Is configuration below works?, and how will I configure the client side (Spark)

XMPP Server Name : SERVER1

IP Address :

External IP add provided by DSL : 112.x.x.x

I just configure port forwarding on my router, any access to 112.x.x.x:5222 will be forwarded to

Internet user (Other location)

On client side, how will Spark be configured to access SERVER1?

Thanks a lot.


if you do not have a domain name/URL that points to your public ip address, then the only way to point spark at your server is to enter your public IP address in the Server/Host box on the Spark login window. Careful if you are running this from a home connection, sometime residential internet uses dynamic ip addresses, so your server’s public ip address may change sometime (forcing you to re-enter the server ip address to login with spark).

Thanks a lot Jason.

Needs your thought of how my connection is configured.

@ Openfire server configuration:

Server Name : mypc.no-ip.info (this the url pointing to my public IP address

Hostname : PC Name

Admin console listening at:



@ Spark side: Server name : mypc.no-ip.info

Configured port forwarding on my router, port 5222 and 5223 to my pc IP add :

Scenario: When Spark try to connect to mypc.no-ip.info, it says “can’t connect to server”


-I have tried pinging my URL and got a reply with my public IP address.

-Tried accessing my URL on browser but it points me to my router’s username /pwd login prompt, (is there something I have missed ?)

Needs your thought.