Intranet wildfire only


Is it possible to allow the wildfire/sparks to be all in intranet solely?

Definitely! Just deploy Wildfire inside your network. If you want to ensure that Wildfire never tries to talk to another server, just disable the server to server feature.



Not only that, but by my understanding, even if you enable server-to-server, unless you open the appropriate ports in your external firewall, there will still be no way for other servers to reach your Wildfire server.

I’'ve been running Wildfire purely withing my intranet for several months now.

Timothy Collett

On that note, is it also possible to have the server also carry all AIM traffic through only the intranet? If that doesn’'t make sense, just think that instead of spark, it is AIM. Would that be possible, ever? The gateway is coming along fairly soon it seems.

I think AOL licenses AIM servers to companies for big money, but that’‘s more than useless if you have Wildfire. It doesn’'t add any features except the ability to use the official AOL client.