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Introducing restAPI plugin for Openfire


If you don’t provide the domain “@lchi093136-7”, the plugin interpreting that as a local roster entry “1fauserb@xmppdomain”

(Probably is your xmppdomain “localhost”) You can not remove roster entries, if entry reference to another server.

If you update the openfire version you can use the @


the domain is @lchi093136-7 which i use for creating the users and the domain will change based on the env we run the scripts in. Any other way to resolve it besides upgrading openfire?


Don’t specify the domain if you add the roster entry. Just use “username” without @xmmdomain. And also delete just by username. (If all of yours roster entries are on same server)


That’s creating the roster entries without a domain. Wont that cause a problem when we get the roster on login? The rest of our chat application uses username@domain to fetch roster…


Shouldn’t be a problem