Invalid login or password error

I am getting a User not found error in my logs, i did a search and no one seems to be having the same type of issue i am.

Right now i can have most of the office load up spark, but some just can not, it tells them there login or password is wrong. They are not eventually it lets them in. I even get the same thing loging in to the Openfire administrator.

Right now i can not get on it at all.

I have them divided in to groups, but i am able to get someone up in all groups.

Just not sure where to go

I am attaching the error log, its rather big, most of it is today with users not found errors

Update its almost like only so many users can be logged in at one time
error.log (907055 Bytes)

can you give the specs of your system? Server OS? RAM? It looks like LDAP users? etc

Windows Server 03 SP2

Pentium 4 3.4Mhz

2 GB of RAM

LDAP users when you pull run in to 250-300. but its registering distrubution groups, shared email boxes not really a user. and various other email accounts with multiple emails

actuall users only run about 80… is there a way to just pull the specific groups i have created for openfire, rather then everything… if you are thinking its LDAP users?

also it had been working for a few weeks with no issues at all… i have only added one user during this time, and disabled a few others.