Invalid login

We are using openfire 3.4.5 and spark 2.5.8 and occasionally some users are unable to login due to invalid username or password. I know the passwords are correct, because i can try it 2-3 times and still be able to login to the web panel. We have it hooked up to AD on windows 2k3

the users that can not login, are they never able to get into spark or can they sometimes get in.

It’s definitely occasional. Sometimes it takes 2 tries, and sometimes it won’t let them at all. I was having the problem earlier today, and now I can login just fine.

What operating system is openfire running on? Are they any other major services running on the server.

I’m running it on debian, the only things running are openfire and apache. It has a gig of ram, should i up it some?

I don’t think RAM is your issue. It may be linux not having a stable connection to your AD domain. I would not know how to fix that issue though. Do you have a windows box (XP or Server 200x) you setup openfire on as a test?

Yes we have a windows 2k3 server that we could install it on. I don’t understand why now even the control panel comes and goes. The java memory is nearly full and sometimes the web panel doesn’t even load. It never had problems until 30+ people started using it. Is it still worth trying on a windows server?

IMO it is always worth ruling out hardware. Are you using the embedded database or and external DB like mysql?

external, mysql 5.0.32-Debian_7etch5-log

currently installing openfire 3.5.1 on the windows machine.

I found another possible cause of errors. We had a different linux box originally being used for all this and decided to virtualize it. We thought we were having hardware problems because it would just shutdown for no apparent reason.

I suppose someone turned it back on - both had the same static ip address. I figured it out because the old homepage kept popping up periodically, even after clearing browser cache. I went in there and unplugged the machine and the web panel is no longer hit or miss. Maybe after a little while the login problem will manage to clear up as well.

we had 2 copies of this running on the same IP address, it seems killing one fixed the problem