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Invalid password for MUC doesn''t return a presence error (Flex2 + AS3)


I’'m working on a Flex2 based jabber client using Actionscript 3.0.

So far I have most of the features working. But I did notice a couple of problems. The biggest problem for now is that when a user tries to join a MUC room but specifies no (or the wrong) password for a pwprotected room, Wildfire doesn’'t return a 401 presence error.

I’‘m using the XMLSocket from AS3 and I’'m pretty sure that nothing is send back to it (or it must be malformed).

I was wondering if someone else experiences this. I think this message talks about the same: http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?messageID=121986&#121986

Any advise/insight would be highly appreciated.


Didn’'t expect this one to be so tricky

I was wondering if someone could mention this on todays chat. Unfortunately I can’‘t participate myself as I’‘m travelling between work and my place at that time. So I would really appreciate it if someone could mention this (and perhaps mention the outcome in here). If not then I’'ll try to participate next week.