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Invalid signature notification


I am implementing digital signatures on outgoing stanzas (XEP 0274), with or without security labels (XEP 0258) as a Spark plugin. I’ve been wondering about how I could notify the user of messages with invalid signatures through Spark’s UI in the transcript window.

Has there already been any thoughts on this ? Basically it would warn the user that a specific message has an invalid signature, but I’m open to anything remotely close to this (message customization on some condition more generally). The TranscriptWindowInteceptor seems to be a good start for this for instance.

That’s an exciting development! I’d love to see your work be merged into Spark!

I don’t think that there’s much ground covered in this area. I think you’re roughly on the right track. My first instinct would be to use a TranscriptWindowInterceptor, and use that to perhaps add an instance of a custom implementation that implements TranscriptWindowEntry to the transcriptwindow. That custom implementation can then override org.jivesoftware.spark.ui.TranscriptWindowEntry#addTo to apply whatever decoration you deem appropriate.

I’m not saying that this will definitely be the way to go - it’s been a while since I’ve last looked at this in detail - but it seems like the most appropriate approach to explore first.