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"Invalid User Name" for everyone - occurs routinely

Spark has worked just fine for the last couple years. However, in the past month there have been days when after logging on to the network, Spark will open but not automatically log you in. Instead you get a message “Invalid User Name.” We have integrated Active Directory with it. This will occur for all users. If I reboot the Spark server then all of a sudden Spark is populated with user accounts normally.

Any idea on how I can resolve this? I’ve looked through services and everything seems fine.

You mean smith. like this (attached pic)? For my server it happens when i’m running out of memory / java heap size. I know i need to get more physical memory but these things are so expensive :slight_smile:

Maybe you’re running into the same trouble? Check your heap size because after restarting the server everything works fine - for some days…


My server has plenty of memory so I don’t think that’s the problem. This week I had to reboot three out of five days.

Can you ensure, that your server does not run out of heap space even if it has plenty of physical ram available?

Maybe make a dump/screenshot using VisualVM.