Invalid user name or password AD integrated

Hi All

I have around 450 users in 27 groups in active directory environment. Open fire 3.7.0 is installed on centos 5.6.

Problem is not more that 230 users able to login in spark. Its not let login and through invalid user name or password.

Database i have tried with both embeded and mysql. Server is having 5GB RAM.

is there is a user limitation on spark/openfire?

Is any tunning need to be done to accept more users.

Please suggest else we may need to switch back to IP message
userservice-1.3.5.jar (26611 Bytes)
userservice-1.3.5-sources.jar (6298 Bytes)
userservice-1.3.5-javadoc.jar (39875 Bytes)

I would add your ldap user account to the domain admins grouo.

This is not a good sercurity practice.but it may fix your problem.

Thanks joe. But i have given domain administrator account as admin DN from the begining.