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Invalid username LDAP


Here’s what happened twice…

I did the setup and everything went fine. After a few hours, I can no longer connect to the admin console, so i decide to re-install it.

Now, the exact same thing happened today. I was trying to modify something in the console and when i click next, i get the logon window again. I tried to enter my username or password (or any other admin username) and no luck.

Then i try to connect with our client (Spark) and i get the invalid username or password.

I’m using the built-in database and it’s linked with LDAP. Our AD database is kinda heavy (more than 12 000 users in it).

I’m not sure what to try next.

Thank you

That is more than kinda heavy. There are documents on the site to allocat more RAM to openfire. You may also want to move to mysql for the database. You need to be careful what you edit in the config after it is setup or you can break the AD ldap connection.