Invalid Username or Password error

I’m currently in an organization that utilizes spark 2.6.3. I have one user who continues to get the error “Invalid Username or Password” but it seems to only be at about 3AM PST.

I have logged on the users computer while they were there, attempted to log on to spark and was successful. We logged off and back in just to test and was successful each time.

We set Remember password and auto log on so that it would not be user error entering the password but we still see “Invalid Username or Password”. I have uninstalled, re-installed,

deleted the profile, used the Microsoft fix-it tool to completely remove the program and tried re-installing again and still we see the same issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

To add to this:

WIndows 7 Pro 32 bit in domain enviornment

Computer can ping Spark Server

I’m assuming its bound to LDAP because accounts are created when I make AD accounts.

I would make sure that that user doesn’t have any log in restrictions during that time by checking her “logon hours” in AD.

I just checked and there are no restrictions.