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Invalid username or password


I have a customer who has been running Samba as a domain controller with LDAP for some years now. They wanted an IM solution an I found that Openfire and Spark would very much fullfill their needs.

I installed it and tested it with two users and it worked flawlessly. But, when I should deploy it for the entire organisation problems occured. A lot of the users on the LDAP server is unable to sign in on Spark, others sign in perfectly.

All users log on to the domain successfully, so there is no question about username or password being invalid.

Can anyone point me in the right direction ? I feel stuck, and I have searched a lot without finding the answer.

Best regards

Compare those who can login with the others. Maybe you will see some pattern (some special characters in the usernames). Also i think this can be some symbols in the password, try temporary changing they passwords to something simple.

also verify the LDAP binding includes the OUs containing the users having issues.